Windows 10: How To Clean Factory Reset and Remove Personal Information


Resetting lets you choose whether to keep your files or remove them, and then reinstall Windows 10. This tutorial will walk through how to remove all personal settings, applications and settings and restore Windows 10 to a factory (default) state.

Guide to determining what type of reset to be performed (courtesy of Microsoft):

Keep my files

Reinstalls Windows 10 and keeps your personal files.
Removes apps and drivers you installed.
Removes changes you made to settings.


  1. right after mine was done. windows 10 cant be downloaded. its just stuck in the startup screen with the same error message telling me i need to restart my computer to restart the instsllation?

  2. I reset my pc and it is total black screen but the pc is running with an occasional blinking of the red reset button on the unit, and an occasional blinking of the Net Gear  usb stick. So now what?? How long does this take??

  3. Hello, I bought an HP Pavilion Notebook that came with Windows 10, but after I select "Just remove my files" it tells me that my PC was recently upgraded to Windows 10, even though I didn't install it. Them it proceeds to tell me that it would go back to the OS it previously had. Would I have to buy Windows 10 if I do proceed to reset my PC by selecting this option??

  4. need help please! reset my pc, saying: The computer restarted unexpectedly or encountered an expected, error. windows installation can not proceed. to install windows, click ok restart the computer, and then restart the installation.
    please help, restarts and repeats same error message?

  5. Will this also remove all applications that originally came with my PC? Also, when i first got my PC, it was a windows 8 computer and i later installed windows 10. If I reset my PC, will it go back to Windows 8? Or will it remain as windows 10? Thanks a lot.?

  6. i need help! i accidentally deleted a lot of my thing from the main C drive and it wont let me delete everything! it says "There was a problem resetting your PC, No changes were made" i dont know what to do?

  7. Hey, I wanted to reset my computer but I was not sure if I would have to get windows 10 again.. When I got my computer it came with Windows 8.1.. Also, Will my computers storage be back to the factory storage amount? I had a couple games that took a lot of memory I don't play often.?