Transfer OS to HDD or SSD with EaseUS Partition Master


To transfer OS to HDD or SSD can be easy now. EaseUS Partition Master allows you to transfer Windows 10/8/7 etc all OS to new HDD or SSD without any prolems and no data loss issues will happen. Download this software and activate it with a purchased serial key to transfer OS and optimize Windows right now! Let EaseUS help. See more info here,


  1. So if i want to just transfer my OS onto an SSD from my current HDD and have the PC boot from the new SSD this software will work for me? Should i back the OS up as well? Anything else im not considering? Thanks.?

  2. I just ordered an SSD to use for my Windows 10 OS and videogames. Everything else will be stored on my hybrid drive, which currently holds all of my information. I don't mind reinstalling the games on the new drive, but I just want to be sure that this tool will be able to transfer only my operating system to the new SSD. No personal files. That is what this does in this case, yes??

  3. If i use this migration tool, i am actually copying my OS to another drive, right?
    I need to just have an usable "image" of my OS in case of problems, for the future. Can i use this tool to copy my OS as it is ? I can't use clone tool because my system partition is 1Tb but i only used 80Gb. I got an external 150Gb drive so it can be used for migration but not for cloning (anyway i don't need to clone 900Gb of empty space…).?

  4. So there is really no advantage in using your software – it will not transfer ONLY the system partition. I can just reload Windows on the new SSD and have the same outcome.?