How to Transfer Photos to iPod, iPod Touch and iPhone


This video will show you how to …


  1. wait so where can you find the photos you downloaded on your iphone? I go to "photos" and i dont see anything. i dont have a photo library or saved photos perse, i only see the photos i have on my iphone:( how can i see the photos i downloaded :p?

  2. iPods can be so non user friendly and just douchey.
    What's the big deal about transferring photots from your computer to your ipod?
    You have create a folder and sync it, then you have to wait 20 minutes for it to back up? What? Why can't I just drag and drop photos like any other device? WTF Apple?
    Thanks for the video though.
    I can't imagine my mom having to figure this shit out. On top of that you can't delete the photos from your ipod you have to delete them from the PC and ressync.?