How to Transfer Photos from your iPhone to your Mac


This is a quick tutorial on how to transfers images from your iPhone to your Mac using Image Capture. Subscribe: First, you need to plug …


  1. That was easily the most useless, uninformative, pathetic tutorial I've ever watched! Of any type. It's a shame that anyone with a computer, some free time, and a little knowledge can burden servers with such useless drivel! Hell…I feel like I wasted my valuable time simply learning how useless this video is!?

  2. Thanks for your share! Image Capture is one of the ways to transfer images from  iPhone to Mac. iPhoto is a good way to make it . iPhoto and Image Capture only allows to transfer photos in Camera Roll. For photos in Photo Stream, Photo Library, Photo Share, you can try to use profession transfer tool like AnyTrans or iFunbox.?

  3. In 1 minute, you just saved me many more hours of frustration downloading 3rd party apps, that never did what I wanted. And I had image capture just sitting here in my computer the whole time!

  4. Hi please help. I transferred all my photos onto my mac like the way you showed in the video. However they weren't in my iPhoto nor on my computer. But it's taken all the memory on my computer. How can I find them please help it's driving me insane ?

  5. If you can't find Image Capture, like me, click on the "Launchpad" icon thing first. (looks like a rocket ship) Launch Pad brings up ALL of your apps, it should be there. Please note how you can choose which folder you want to drop it into.?