How To Transfer iPhone 4 HD Videos & Photos to Computer


This video will show you how to transfer your iPhone 4 HD 720p Videos and Pictures to your PC or Mac. The videos will be in 720p. Currently, when you upload …


  1. Okay, there's some special secret thing you forgot to mention because when I plug in my iPhone 4, no "portable devices" appears in My Computer. Instead, because I have that shitware iTunes installed, that gets loaded instead and as everyone knows it's fucking useless for anything but playing music, and not very good at that. I'll try it on another machine…?

  2. Thanks for this video. It may seem like a simple task, but for someone who has never owned an iPhone before, it was a bit tricky. Especially when the computer wouldn't recognize my iPhone. Thanks again!?

  3. Please reply! Is there any way you can change the orientation for the videos? I can change it for the pictures from the iPhone but not the videos from the iPhone. Please help! My iPhone videos are showing upside down in my Videos file on my computer. (I have Windows 7)?

  4. Hah I forgot to use My Computer, no wonder I forgot how to find my vids and pics, I only did that once, till this video reminded me to find Portable Devices, stupid me, thanks!?