How to convert Outlook .pst to .mbox and import it to Mail on your Macintosh


Many people switch from Windows to OS X and one of the problems they face is importing their old Outlook messages. There is a $0.99 app on App Store called Mail Monkey, it can convert your Outlook .pst to .mbox for mail on OS X. As you will see the procedure is very simple. To keep it simple, I used VirtualBox running Outlook from Windows XP, saved my Outlook .pst, converted it to .mbox format for mail and then imported it to…


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  2. When I imported the file that Mail Monkey had converted (over 33,000 message), the import occurred in less than a second and appeared to succeed, but after import, there were no messages in the Mac's Mail import folder. What should I do??

  3. If you need to move mails from a Windows computer to a Mac computer, i would advice you to:

    1: Set your account as a IMAP (on the computer that HAS the emails)

    2: Synchronize your account (so all your emails will be stored on the server)

    3: On your Mac, setup the same account as a IMAP (you could use POP3, but i would go for IMAP).

    4: After the configuration, synchronize emails again, and the Mac computer should now start downloading all the mails from the server you stored them on.

    UPDATE: This will also work vice versa (from Mac to Windows), and its a FREE ALTERNATIVE i figured out after spending money on software, that actually could not do what it should.?

  4. Important advice: it doesn't work well in Portuguese or Spanish languages. If your email are under those tongues (or probably many others not anglo-saxon tongues) it will crash in many messages, unable to convert because of the orthographic accents.?

  5. For conversion of .pst file in to .mbox file, it is always advised to use a Microsoft certified converter. A Microsoft certified utility helps to convert PST file in to MBOX instantly as well as provide full assurance of zero level error in original data format.?

  6. Obviously there is a mistake, you imported your .pst from outlook to your mac, converted it to .mbox and mail gives you an error? Can you please tell me which versions of outlook you used, and which OS X you are using??

  7. Sorry to hear that, it worked well for me, and I transfered about 120,000 with lots of attachments. I understand that recently mailmonkey had an update, did you update it? Another way is to get Microsoft Outlook for Mac, and just save your .pst and import it to your Oultook, just as simple as that.?

  8. I think that would be easier, if you have the mac version of the latest outlook, it will automatically pickup and convert all the messages, just export them to a .pst format in case you want to import them on a PC ?

  9. Outlook for mac is very good in detecting pst and importing email, just in case you want to use Outlook for Mac. Make a copy of the pst file to a cd,dvd or usb, make sure that your mac can read NTFS format (use NTFS for Mac or anything similar) and proceed with the tutorial.?

  10. I dont have the emails anymore, just one saved pst file on my ext HDD. I would have to find some PC with Outlook and import it to Outlook first I guess? I recently got Office for mac, just not using Outlook (only W, E and PPT) as I prefer mac mail. Maybe I can do it somehow through this mac Outlook??