Best WAY to transfer Music & Video files to iPhone/iPad/iPod without converting


Many people dont know how to transfer movies,songs and video files.. and i know how frustrating and irritating it can be… therefore i have made this video to …


  1. how to transfer vedio , songs , doc and pdf from desktop to Ipad mini
    (9.3.3) . I have already seen your vedio but the option in your itune
    isn't available as per my itune. Provide me your mail Id to send the
    screenshot of it .?

  2. Thank youuu! Have a site TunesGo add/ transfer PC or external drive videos/ music/ playlists or other files to your IOS device(like iPhone, iPad, iPod etc.) easily, Or in reverse.
    TunesGo supports following mode:
    iPhone/iPod/iPad/Android ? ? PC/Mac
    you can import pc or external file to tunesgo and export file to IOS devices from tunesgo. I like!?

  3. You are such an idiot! Why do you assume everyone have VLC on their iphone. Why not show them how to get it on there first, instead of assuming its there when people click on it? Real helpful….?

  4. What I like about this technique is that I can delete files at will once I am done watching the videos…And not having to deal with iTunes.
    It looks like I am going to re-arrange all of my videos on my iPad Pro for my viewing pleasure with only the VLC App…
    Thank God for a suitable alternative…
    Cheers Rohit!?

  5. Great Tutorial Rohit. I am new to the Mac and just purchased the iPad Pro. I tried AirDrop but did not know where the files were in iTunes. This tutorial was super easy.?