Best way to fix iPhone,iPod & iPad Lightning USB cable


This video tutorial shows you how to fix Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Lightning USB cable. For More Updates,News & Reviews: Visit our website: …


  1. You fucking made it look like " made in India "
    I should have read the comments first because 4 minutes of my time and the fucking battery wasted on this ghetto shit ! Go back to eating Daal you wanker !?

  2. oh my god a soldering machine really? If I need all that I'll just go buy another one… why wouldn't you just splice the wires then twist them then electrical tape it back up, oh and the issue with this is locating the short location and potentially burning random wires when they were never at fault… NEXT VIDEO I'm looking for a splice free vid?

  3. No thanks. Not worth my time for an inferior cable repair. Buy cables from, they have a lifetime warranty. They will return your money when they fail. They start at under $6.00 and come 6" to 10'. And you can get colors. I have had a dozen of them and a couple have failed. They are always good about a refund.?

  4. You said to use hot glue to insulate the wires. What did you mean exactly? Did you mean to put glue in between the wire so they do not touch? You do not show this. Thank you for the video?

  5. thank you for the video. i followed your instructions and was able to repair my broken cable. however, it is not an easy repair. i even have a positionable magnifying glass with articulating arms and small clamps at the end. even with this i found soldering to be extremely difficult. the wires are so small and close that it was difficult to keep them from touching once soldered. TIP: if you are left-handed, solder from RIGHT to LEFT (and if you are right-handed then left to right). doing so means you arent holding the soldering tool across the wires you have already soldered (dont ask me how i know this) and not undoing your work.?