3 Amazing Gadgets Very useful in Travelling || FutureTech # 112 ||


3 Amazing Gadgets Very useful in Travelling –

1) Travelmate: a Fully Autonomous Suitcase and Robot
A revolutionary self moving suitcase and robot companion. It can follow you wherever you go!
Travelmate is the first true robot companion and fully autonomous suitcase. It works seamlessly in crowds and doesn’t require any extra peripherals. Travelmate can move vertically and horizontally when autonomous. You can take it with you when you’re going to the airport, commuting to work or just walking outside. It’ll match your speed accurately and can go as fast as 6.75 mph. For more details, please take a look at our presentation below.

2) Omnicharge: Smart & Compact Portable Power Bank
Power or charge nearly any device with (1) AC/DC Power Outlet & (2) USB Fast-Charging ports.
World’s smallest power bank with (1) AC/DC Power Outlet and (2) USB Fast-Charging ports for charging or powering…